Where can Axomera help?

Axomera therapy is a novel therapy for the treatment of tendons, ligaments, muscles and nerves. It can thus be used for many different diseases.
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Here is a list of the more common indications. For each condition, discuss with your doctor whether Axomera therapy is an option for you.

Sports medicine

Over 80% of all sports-related illnesses are overuse-related inflammations, so-called overuse syndromes. Here, Axomera aims to rapidly inhibit inflammation and then sustainably regenerate the affected tissue. The aim is to significantly reduce sports absenteeism and accelerate the “return to sports”. There are no side effects from drugs or doping problems with Axomera therapy.

Pain therapy

The anti-inflammatory effect of axomeratherapy according to clinical observation probably explains its importance in the therapy of neuritis. Outstanding results are seen in headache, especially cluster headache, trigeminal neuralgia, and atypical facial pain, as well as in postoperative or post-traumatic inflammation of peripheral nerves, such as CRPS syndrome.

Seasonal allergy

The use of Axomera therapy for hay fever is carried out with only a few therapy sessions. An improvement up to freedom from symptoms is observed, which can last for one or several years. The indication of allergy suggests a desensitizing effect of the therapy in addition to the anti-inflammatory effect and may be explained by the effect of electric fields on immunocompetent cells such as monoxides.

Before and after allergy therapy

Percent of patients taking medication

    • Under it the allergy-typical complaints of the nose, eyes and lungs improve around more than 50%.
    • Patients require 60% fewer tablets, 70% fewer asthma inhalers, and 80% less nasal or eye drops.
    • Even one year after AXOMERA therapy, many patients have 50% less complaints and take 70% less medication.

Before improvement of allergy symptoms

Severe complaints (6) to no complaints (0)

Allergic inflammatory reactions of nose, eyes and lungs are reduced. Often a long-term effect similar to desensitization therapy is seen.

    • Axomera therapy is perceived as painless and has few side effects.
    • As a rule, 3 – 6 Axomera treatments are required within 2 – 3 weeks.