Selected publications on Axomera therapy:


„Percutaneous direct current stimulation – a new electroceutical solution for severe neurological pain and soft tissue injuries“:

„Percutaneous Bioelectric Current Stimulation for Chronic Cluster Headache – A Possible Transformative Approach to Cluster Headache“:

Technical publications:

Sports Medicine Journal 2020

"Therapy-Resistant Heel Pain. Case: therapy in professional volleyball athlete with new Percutaneous Bioelectric Current Stimulation (Axomera)."

Sports Medicine Journal 2019

"Axomera Therapy. New electronic stimulation method for sports medicine".

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Axomera is a novel treatment method developed on the basis of established methods. Although studies have been carried out on Axomera, like the majority of established medical treatments, it has not yet been fully validated according to the principles of evidence-based medicine. In particular, no randomized controlled trials or comprehensive meta-analyses have yet been carried out. The success of Axomera therapy cannot be guaranteed in every case. However, there are a large number of patient reports, case studies and testimonials on conditions that have been successfully treated with Axomera therapy. They may be found on this website and also on

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