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Professional ice hockey player: muscle injury

A patient reports the results of Axomer therapy for recurrent muscle injuries.

Discomfort in the forefoot:
Morton neuroma


Cluster headache


Tennis elbow: great progress

“For years I have suffered from discomfort in my forefoot, which has been diagnosed as Morton’s neuroma. The visit
with the classical orthopedist with the classical
Injection therapy also only helped for a very short time…

But after 5 treatments it got better and better, now it’s so good that I can run around 100 km weekly…”

“In the course of a seemingly endless – over five months – cluster headache episode, I came across Axomera therapy….

I am infinitely grateful to the professor and my joy of life returned a little more after each treatment. It’s an indescribable feeling.”

“With 12 sessions of physical therapy, pain improved only minimally for a small window of time. After four months, I was recommended Axomera therapy and already after 3 sessions in 15 days, the complaints are.”

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Professional ice hockey player: muscle injury

A patient reports the results of Axomer therapy for recurrent muscle injuries.



Acute pain, tingling and numbness in the left leg


Achilles tendinitis bilaterally. Scarring and swelling

Already three treatments with Dr. Molsberger have given me
a really noticeable boost of energy. After a few more treatments I no longer had so frequent

Migraine attacks. The intensity of the headache is significant

Two months after the treatment I still feel the success.
The headache days that now occur I can often survive without medication.

The self-healing powersseem to be really activated . I am really happy. This therapy has helped me a lot.

Also the staff in the practice are very friendly and

After 14 months of medical odyssey, acute pain, tingling and numbness in the left leg (tearing of the annulus fibrosus L3/4, disc herniation L5/S1 with contact to the S1 root) only surgery could have been the solution.
But in time I was recommended by a friend, Dr. Kornetzky. At the first appointment, Dr. Kornetzky took a lot of time. After I had already exhausted all therapies and these brought no improvement at all, Dr. Korntzky recommended me the Axomera therapy (unfortunately the health insurance does not pay this therapy!!).
At the 2nd treatment I already felt an improvement. After the 3. My pain was blown away. It has been 6 weeks since the last treatment and I have not the slightest sign of one. Relapse and can return to my usual sports, which had been on hold for over 1 year. I hope it stays that way.
Many, many thanks Dr. Kornetzky

“A tremendous improvement occurred as a result of the therapy. I can walk again for a long time without pain and there are days when I forget that there was something.

Before that, walking was only possible with pain and even at night when resting, the throbbing pain was there. I can only recommend the method and the doctor and thank him for a new quality of life.”

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Cluster headache (trigeminal autonomic headache)

Male, 57 years: "For years I suffered from unbearable pain attacks every day, often several times. No therapy helped and everywhere I read that there is not much hope here - I was desperate. I was then treated with Axomera stimulation. Amazingly, even with the first treatment, the pain attacks subsided..."

Physicians' opinions on Axomera:

Thomas Eppe, MD

Michael Marquardt, MD

Andreas Graeb, MD

Specialist for orthopedics - Wesel, Niederrhein
Specialist for surgery - Düsseldorf
Specialist for orthopedics, sports medicine - Gauting, Herrsching

Orthopedic group practice, chiropractic, acupuncture, osteologist (DVO)

Orthopedic Surgical Group Practice OCS

Founder of the Orthopedic Competence Center, MVZ

"For ankle sprains, Axomera works so fast, you can watch the joint swelling down"
"In my experience, Axomera is the only treatment that really helps in CRPS type 1 disorders.
"Axomera is faster than cortisone, and it's persistent."

Antonius Kass, MD

Renate Döbber, MD

Claus Huyer, MD

Specialist for orthopedics, sports medicine - Düsseldorf
Specialist for orthopedics and trauma surgery, sports medicine, chiropractic, manual medicine - Uettersen, Hamburg
Specialist for orthopedics, sports medicine - Kaufbeuren, team physician ice hockey ESV Kaufbeuren

Supervising physician German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) and German Table Tennis Federation (DTTB)

Currently treats ice hockey and field field hockey players of HSV and competitive athletes from athletics, golfers, sailors, thriathletes.

Team doctor ice hockey ESV Kaufbeurena

"Axomera is a gift to my patients and me, you are back to competitive sports much faster, the efficacy lasts and I have no doping problems."
"The results are often so unexpectedly good with Axomera - my patients are completely amazed, and I must confess, so am I."
"Axomera is a very valuable therapy option for me - especially for many degenerative diseases and especially for the care of my field hockey players."
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