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Chronic low back pain

Female patient, 61: "For three months I had such terrible back pain day and night, I couldn't sleep. Two doctors tried to help with MRIs, X-rays, mud packs, massage, and strong painkillers. After going off the medication, I continued to have severe pain, which led to a stay in hospital with more medication. The last orthopedist then carried out four Axomera treatments. I actually noticed a definite improvement less than two hours after the first treatment". Conclusion of the patient: "Axomera is a blessing. 5 stars!"

Low back pain with sciatica

Male patient, 77: "For three years I had low back pain radiating into my lower leg. I could no longer play table tennis. I was given injections, root blocks, acupuncture, drug therapy, physiotherapy. There was little to no improvement. My doctor then gave me three Axomera treatments, with considerable improvement one day after the second treatment". Conclusion of the patient: "Very good procedure. I wish I could have had it much sooner".

Thoracic spine pain

Female patient, 42: "I am an anesthetist and often have to work in a bent forward position. For several years I always had a dull pain along the thoracic spine, at times radiating into my chest and arm. The discomfort was very disruptive to my work in the operating theater. I tried many different therapies - painkillers, muscle-relaxing drugs, massage and others. Axomera helped very quickly and, most importantly, the effect was permanent. I only had two treatments at first, then another one after 5 months. Since then the pain has disappeared". Conclusion of the patient: "This really is an amazing therapy! I hope that many patients will soon be able to benefit from it ."


Female patient, 55. Physician information: "Increasing pain at the base of both thumbs over several years, difficulty turning keys, holding heavy objects. Intermittent pain at night. Short-term improvement after one cortisone injection, second injection no longer helped. Surgery not desired for the time being. Maximum pain points in the area of the joint capsule, also on the palm of the hand. Patient received a total of four treatments with Axomera, after which she remained symptom-free."

Pain after artificial knee replacement

Female patient, 56: "I had a right knee replacement three years ago. Since then I have had recurrent knee pain. I had a second operation, treatment with painkillers, infusions, radiotherapy, all without success. I then heard about Axomera and had myself treated with it three times. After the second treatment the pain was almost gone, and since the third treatment I have been symptom-free". Conclusion: "Super treatment. I didn't believe that I would ever be pain-free again."

Arthritis of the knee

Female patient, 64: "I have arthritis in my knees and have had recurring knee pain for the last five years. For the last two years I have been treated with Axomera stimulation". Patient's verdict: "This treatment has no side effects and is the most long-lasting."

Hip trochanter pain

Female patient, 60: "I have had bursitis in both hip joints for two years. I felt very limited when doing sports and walking. Sitting for long periods was also very painful. I went to three doctors and had X-rays, ultrasound, injections, physiotherapy and pills. Nothing helped for more than a few days. Then I was given an Axomera treatment. After three days the pain was much better. Then I had six more treatments, with more improvement after each session. Today I am pain-free". Conclusion: "I am relieved and grateful that I was able to have this treatment."

 Heel pain

Female patient, 49. Physician information: "Severe inflammation of the Achilles tendon on the left foot with simultaneous heel pain. Restriction of quality of life due to pain with every step. Previous treatments: X-ray radiation, ultrasound, analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs, acupuncture, orthotics - all with little effect."


Sports Medicine

Pro soccer player, ankle sprain

Male, 18: “I am a professional player in the Bundesliga. I twisted my ankle during training. The pain was severe. It was cooled right away and a pressure bandage was applied. An MRI was done and our team physician diagnosed a torn ligament. I was in severe pain and could only limp around. That same evening I went to see my orthopedist, who applied an Axomera stimulation. The pain was much better that same evening. I had three more Axomera treatments after that". Patient's conclusion: "After only a week, I was able to return to training and I was completely pain-free even when stopping the ball. Everyone was amazed. I give it an A+."

Runner, inflammation of the patellar tendon

Male, 46: "I run 5 to 10 km a day. My left knee had been painful for about half a year. I could no longer run, and even climbing stairs was painful. First I waited to see whether it would resolve itself. Then I went to the doctor and got injections and physiotherapy. It improved a bit, but I still could not put weight on the knee. Then I had two Axomera treatments. After the first session, the pain improved somewhat, and after the second it was almost completely gone. Three weeks later I was completely free of pain and I could run again just as before". Patient's verdict: "Very good treatment. I have told many friends about Axomera."

Volleyball player - inflammation of the Achilles tendon

Male, 63: "I play volleyball regularly and am also very active in other sports. On the evening after the last volleyball tournament, my Achilles tendon was sore and swollen. I had an Axomera session that week. The next day, the pain was 80% better, and in the days that followed, it went away completely and the swelling also disappeared". Conclusion of the patient: "I am glad that the tendonitis did not become chronic. Only one treatment was necessary! Axomera was very worthwhile for me."

Hockey player, adductor strain

Male, 19: "After an ice hockey game, I had an adductor strain and pain in my thigh and groin for over four months. I saw three doctors, who gave me injections and physiotherapy. Then I underwent three Axomera treatments. After only two treatments I was back in shape". Conclusion: "I wish I had had it sooner."

Tennis player - tennis elbow

Male, 52: "One and a half years ago, I started having pain in my right elbow while playing tennis. I was diagnosed with tennis elbow. I got a total of nine cortisone injections. They always helped temporarily. Because it didn't get better, surgery was considered. Then I was given Axomera". Conclusion: "After the Axomera treatment, I had mild symptoms for another couple of weeks, then they disappeared completely and I have been able to play tennis normally again ever since."


Pain therapy/Neurology


Female, 62: "I am a doctor myself and have suffered from migraines for over 20 years with about 4 to 5 attacks a month, each lasting several days: nausea, often with vomiting, unbearable without triptans. After the first treatment, I had only one headache in the following four weeks, this time without nausea. I had three more treatments and since then I only have headaches once every 2 to 3 months, no more migraines". Conclusion: "Thank you very much! And this result after only four treatments. A+. The treatment has been very worthwhile for me."

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Female, 52. Physician information: "Increasingly painful paresthesia in the first three fingers of the left hand for past year. Reduced peripheral nerve conduction velocity. Previous therapy with night splint and painkillers as needed. Surgery recommended. Maximum pain points starting from the wrist into the palm. A total of four Axomera sessions over three weeks. Improvement of symptoms. No complaints at follow-up after three months. No operation necessary."

Trigeminal neuralgia

Male, 72. Physician information: "Anywhere from 15 to 60 attacks of pain in the forehead every day for eight years. Triggered by chewing, shaving, drafts. Apydan 600 mg daily for 4 years. Four Axomera treatments over 2 weeks. After that only 1-5 attacks/day. Another 2 treatments. Patient was symptom-free for over 2 years. Then recurrence and renewed treatment with the same result."

CPRS type 1

Female, 57. Physician information: "Status post radius fracture due to bicycle fall 6 months ago. After reduction and casting, the patient developed severe pain in the hand with swelling, hyperthermia, tenderness to touch, night pain. Maximum pain points above the radial side of the wrist. Marked limitation of flexion and extension of the wrist and all fingers. Improvement noted after the first Axomera therapy. Almost pain-free after the sixth treatment. Four more treatments over 2 months until complete recovery of mobility of fingers and wrist."

Cluster headache

Male, 57: "For years I suffered attacks of unbearable pain daily, often several times a day. Nothing helped, and everything I read said that there was not much hope. I was desperate. Then I was treated with Axomera stimulation. Amazingly, the pain attacks subsided after the first treatment. A total of two treatments were necessary". Patient's conclusion: "I have been pain-free for over two years - and I can hardly believe it. The effect of this treatment gives great hope for many fellow sufferers."


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