What is Axomera?

With Axomera, we are introducing a therapy for conservative orthopedics, sports therapy and neurology that we believe will set completely new standards in terms of effectiveness and risk profile. You can also read our latest publication here (Pubmed). Publication (Pubmed).


This multi-patented method is based on the modulation of tissue-specific bioelectrical fields, which are now understood to be fundamental directional cues that guide and stimulate inflammation and healing. For example, the axolotl, a Mexican salamander, which is known to be able to regenerate not only complete limbs but also its organs, including parts of the heart as well as the brain, produces bioelectric fields of this kind during the regeneration phase. In our video (left-hand side) we give an in-depth presentation of the electrophysiology and electrophysics of Axomera therapy.

Axomera in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Currently, about 12,000 Axomera treatments are performed annually by orthopedists and sports physicians in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. One of the main areas of application is sports medicine. Axomera is already being used to treat the German Olympic track and field team, the national table tennis team, and football and ice hockey players. Axomera was developed by doctors and scientists. All Axomera users are in regular contact in order to quickly find and evaluate new indications for Axomera therapy.

Main indications

Orthopedics and sports medicine: Muscle-, fascia- or facet-related back pain, in particular also relating to herniated discs with radicular/pseudoradicular involvement. Problems of the large joints, especially gonarthrosis, trochanteric pain syndrome, ankle sprains with or without ATFL tear (see case study). Inflammation of tendons and ligaments, including achillodynia (mid-portion tendinopathy), jumper's knee, golfer's elbow. Rhizarthrosis pain, heel pain.

Neurology and pain management:Carpal tunnel syndrome, CRPS type 1, migraine, cluster headache, trigeminal neuralgia, Morton's neuroma.

Patient reviews

Simply brilliant!
I suffered pain in the right forearm on exertion for three years. Exertion could be as mild as brushing my teeth. The treatment brought relief after the first session. After the second Axomera treatment, the pain was practically gone. And now after the third treatment I expect to be completely pain-free. Best treatment ever!! If I have any other symptoms, I will go directly to the doctor who treated me and save myself the wait in other orthopedic practices."

Source: jameda.de)

You can find more than 100 other patient reviews here.These reviews were obtained in many different practitioner's offices in Germany using computer-based questionnaires.

Additional information for physicians

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Axomera is a novel treatment method developed on the basis of established methods. Although studies have been carried out on Axomera, like the majority of established medical treatments, it has not yet been fully validated according to the principles of evidence-based medicine. In particular, no randomized controlled trials or comprehensive meta-analyses have yet been carried out. The success of Axomera therapy cannot be guaranteed in every case. However, there are a large number of patient reports, case studies and testimonials on conditions that have been successfully treated with Axomera therapy. They may be found on this website and also on www.neueschmerztherapie.de.

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